A Guy Is Hitchhiking From Ireland To Australia With No Money To Prove Human Kindness (And More Good News)

1.  A man from Ireland lost a friend to suicide a few years ago, so he’s raising awareness for suicide prevention by hitchhiking from Ireland to . . . Australia . . . with no money.  He says the point was to pick something that was so “out there” that people might not believe it’s possible.He says, “I’m relying on human kindness to show even when odds are against you, you can find a way.”  He’s also raising money along the way, and says that he expects the trip to take a year and a half.  (He started on January 14th, and he’s in Italy now.  You can follow along on Instagram, here.)


2.  Can you still remember people’s birthdays . . . without Facebook?  A 73-year-old man in Montana estimates he knows around 3,000 birthdays by heart.  And he will even refer to people in town by their birthdays rather than their names.


3.  There’s a video of a boy named Zak asking a girl named Tayler to the prom.  She said yes.  Both kids have special needs, and are VERY excited to go.



4.  An “unlucky” rescue dog in North Carolina named Ronald went through 14 failed adoptions before FINALLY finding his forever home.  (Hopefully.)