A Guy At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Is Given A Bag Of Cash Instead Of His Order…And He Returns It! (And More Good News)

1. A guy in North Carolina risked his own safety after he saw a deer with a bucket stuck on its head.  He managed to yank it off, and someone’s security cam got it on video.  The deer was fine and ran away.

2.  A 67-year-old guy in Michigan is happy about being more forgetful in his old age.  Last month, he couldn’t remember if he’d bought a lottery ticket yet.  So he bought a second one with the same set of numbers . . . 6,11,12, 23, and 33.  Both hit for $110,000, so he won 220 grand.

3.  A guy on TikTok went to a McDonald’s drive-thru to get a McMuffin.  And when he looked in his bag, he found $5,000 CASH that was supposed to go to the bank.  Instead of keeping it, he turned around and went back.  They ended up giving him a $200 reward for being honest, plus free McDonald’s for a month.   I wanted to post the video for you, but he drops a few “f-bombs” and I don’t want to offend anyone!