A Great-Grandmother Stopped A Purse Thief By Throwing Her Cane At Him! (And More Good News)

1.  A 59-year-old in Virginia named Todd Rowan was walking on the beach with his wife this month when he had a heart attack.  But two surfers did CPR and saved him.  One was a guy named Tyler Volpe who works as a physician’s assistant.  Todd got to meet up with him the other day to thank him in person.


2.  A great-grandmother stopped a purse thief in Oakland, California this month.  They were trying to steal her neighbor’s bag, but she ran in, threw her cane at their car, and scared them off.


3.  A woman in North Carolina posted a video of her dad, who has early-onset dementia.  And it’s heartbreaking, but inspiring too.  He can’t remember he’s her father and says it freaks him out when she calls him “Dad”.  But he can feel she’s someone important to him and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

She says it’s okay, and offers to call him Scott now.  Then it ends with him telling her, “I love you.”


(Here’s the video and a GoFundMe if you want to help.)