A Dozen Famers Show Up To Harvest Crops of Fellow Farmer Who Was In An Accident (And More Good News!)

1.  A farmer in Minnesota was in a bad crash back in August when he swerved to avoid a puppy that ran out into the road.  And he’s still so banged up, he couldn’t harvest his crops this month.  So he wasn’t sure what he’d do.

But then more than a dozen farmers from around the area showed up with their own combines and trucks, and harvested his entire crop for him.  They also did the same thing 11 years ago after his dad passed away during harvest season.


2.  A 17-year-old named Alison Appleby just won the Miss Dallas Teen USA pageant last week . . . while her service dog was on stage with her.  She has epilepsy, and the dog helps alert her before she has a seizure.


3.  A 12-year-old girl in Arizona got struck by lightning, and her heart stopped.  But her dad did CPR . . . brought her back . . . and she’s gonna be okay.  He’s a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he’s good under pressure.


4.  In 2013, an Irish guy was in New York and didn’t have enough to cover his cab fare.  So he gave his cabbie an I.O.U. for two pints of Guinness if he ever came to his family’s pub in Dublin.  And nine years later, the cabbie just took him up on it.