A Couple Honeymooning In Spain Noticed A Building On Fire And They Helped Save Dozens of Lives! (And More Good News)

1.  A pregnant firefighter in Maryland named Megan Warfield was in a car crash this month, and it made her go into labor.  But she still got out and helped another crash victim before going to the hospital.

Her boyfriend who’s a paramedic was also one of the first people on scene.  Hours later, they welcomed a healthy baby girl named Charlotte.


2.  A couple from Rhode Island was honeymooning in Spain and walking around Barcelona when they saw a building on fire.  So the husband ran inside . . . realized it was a nursery . . . and helped get more than a dozen babies out.


3.  An 11-year-old kid in the U.K. started his own foodbank two years ago and collects things like canned goods to hand out.  It’s going so well, he’s hoping to open a second foodbank location next month.


4.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just pledged another $1.2 BILLION to help eradicate polio worldwide.