A Cockatoo Assists A Guy With A Great Wedding Proposal! (And More Good News)


1.  A guy in Australia thought he was getting a prank call, but it was a real lottery official letting him know he won $66,000.


2.  Firefighters in Pennsylvania saved a tiny kitten that crawled up into the engine compartment of someone’s car, and posted the photos on Facebook.  It’s already been adopted.


3.  A fifth-grader in England named Liam Squires loves correcting his teachers when they say something wrong.  Now he’s taken it to a whole other level by correcting a textbook.  He noticed a science book had the labels switched for igneous and sedimentary rocks.  The textbook company is now fixing the mistake.


4.  A proposal video from 2021 is going viral again.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s great:  A guy in Australia took his girlfriend to a bird show at a zoo.  He coordinated with them to have a cockatoo land on her arm and give her a note.  She opened it and looked shocked . . . then turned to him as he got down on one knee with a ring . . . and the crowd went nuts.


(Here’s the video.)