99-Year-Old Woman Is Part Of Circus Knife-Throwing Act! (And More Good News)

1.  A 65-year-old woman from California founded a nonprofit in 1997 called Roots of Peace.  They go to war-torn countries and remove landmines, then replace them with grape vines, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens.  They’re heading to Ukraine next, and she just got a big award last week called the World Food Prize.


2.  Starlux Airlines is based in Taiwan and had some major delays at the Tokyo airport this month.  A bunch of people were stranded overnight, and then got delayed again the next day.  But check this out:  The airline’s CEO felt so bad about it, he flew to Tokyo himself and apologized to everyone in person.


3.  Here’s a weird Make-a-Wish:  A 12-year-old kid in Utah always wanted to know what it was like to be ARRESTED.  So cops made it happen for him last week.  They cuffed him and took fingerprints.  He says it was a fun experience, but jail definitely seems kinda scary in real life.


4.  Here’s an equally weird bucket list story:  A 99-year-old woman in England named Annie Duplock always wanted to be part of a KNIFE-THROWING act.  So the owner of a circus made it happen for her last week.  There’s a video online of a circus performer throwing ten knives at her.  (Here’s the footage.)