8/18/2017 Corey’s Diary: Another Fabulous Surprise

Dear Diary,

I forgot my phone…hence an old-fashioned written diary entry. Yesterday, was clean up day. It happens to work out that way since recycling is Friday. Plus, Jeff usually comes in Fridays and I like the house to look nice.

I wasn’t sure when he was coming though. He’s very concerned about eclipse traffic.

I was just finishing up and taking the recycling/compost bins to the roadside. When I went to close the garage door, it wouldn’t move. I had knocked one of the sensors off with a bin.

I wrestled with it for a bit with no success, so I called Jeff. He didn’t answer, but I managed to figure out that the contact wire was disconnected.

Jeff called me back and I explained what I was doing. There was a lot of noise on his end of the line. I asked where he was and he said, “home.”

Then I heard the alarm for the lane change assist in his car. I shouted, “you’re in the car. You’re coming here.”

I ruined the surprise, but I was overjoyed he was coming in town.

Thank goodness his job allows him to work from home.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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