8-Year-Old Kid Finds Out His Favorite Server Is Homeless So He Starts a GoFundMe And Raises $100K! (And More Good News)

1.  An 83-year-old Vietnam vet named Paris Davis finally got the Medal of Honor on Friday.  He risked his life over and over to save other soldiers during a 19-hour firefight in 1965.  He should have gotten the Medal a lot sooner, but the paperwork got lost . . . was resubmitted . . . and got lost a second time.

(His full account of those 19 hours is intense, like something out of a movie.)

2.  An eight-year-old kid in Arkansas named Kayzen Hunter recently found out his favorite waiter at Waffle House was struggling, and living in a motel.  So he started a GoFundMe that’s now raised around $100,000 for him.


3.  Remember the story last week, where a Nebraska cheerleader went to the state championships by herself after her teammates quit?  Now two more cheerleading stories are in the news . . .

An eight-year-old cheerleader did the same thing at a competition in Florida and WON it.  And a video from the national cheerleading championship from last month is going viral.  A team was performing when their music cut out.  But the crowd kept the rhythm going, and they didn’t miss a beat.


4.  TikTok just changed the life of a guy in Arizona named Sebastian Ibañez.  He’s legally blind and partially deaf.  But he’s still done everything he can to provide for his family.  He always wanted to be a car salesman, but had to resort to selling brooms and mops on the street.

His wife is fighting thyroid cancer.  And last month, his family’s van was in a crash.  So it’s been even harder to make ends meet.  But after a reporter shared his story, a TikToker with 11 million followers named Jimmy Darts got involved.

He posted a video where he talks to him and hands him $1,000 to help out.  Then he started a GoFundMe that’s raised over $120,000 to help Sebastian’s family.

But it doesn’t end there:  The owner of a car dealership called Brown Brother’s Automotive saw the story and HIRED Sebastian.  On his very first day of work, he sold his first car.