CEO Offers To Shutdown Company For A Day So Every Employee Can Testify In Fellow Employee’s Custody Hearing

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  A new report found inflation dropped to 3% last month for the first time in two years.  So maybe the era of ever-increasing prices is finally coming to an end.


2.  A seven-year-old kid in Michigan was drowning in a pool, and no one noticed until two other kids saw him and got help.  His mom had to do CPR, but he’s okay.


3.  A giant panda in South Korea just gave birth to two healthy twin girls.  If you’re into the hairless rat look, they’re cute I guess.


4.  A woman in Alabama who’s a recovering addict asked her boss if he’d show up at her custody hearing and testify to help her get her kids back.  Instead, he offered to shut down the whole company for a day, so all 70 employees could go tell the judge how great she is.

It turned out it wasn’t necessary.  She got custody again!  But everyone’s praising him for the offer.  His name is Tim Cross.  He owns a trucking and logistics company called ETA that’s all about giving people second chances.  Most of his employees are in recovery for drugs or alcohol.