Forget ‘fast fashion’, shop for clothing more sustainably

If you just spent a good part of the last two years wearing the same clothes every day on your endless zoom meetings, you’ve probably come to realize that you don’t need or even want a number of items in your closet. Many of us go shopping to feel better, as a way to socialize or because we’re bored. Many of the things we buy are ‘fast fashion’, cheaply made, ill-fitting and quickly fall apart.  Americans throw away 25 billion (BILLION) pounds of clothing every year! Kick the fast fashion habit and shop more sustainable, and one way to do that is to shop secondhand. There are so many great secondhand stores, from low-end to high end, the options are nearly limitless. As are the benefits. Buying secondhand saves money and resources, extends the life of the garment, promotes sustainable fashion and you’ll have a more unique wardrobe.

Other ways to give your wardrobe a boost/what to do with what you don’t wear:

  • Have a clothing swap with friends
  • Give away items on your local Buy Nothing Group (I’ve also received great pieces on my group)
  • Donate to a clothing closet

Guide to secondhand shopping 

Why buy secondhand