6/1/2017 Corey’s Diary: What A Difference A Day Makes

Dear Diary,

I got some really thoughtful comments and emails about my entry yesterday. It was very nice and really helped.

Jeff and I talked last night. He was finally settled in the VRBO and sipping some tequila after a very long day of moving.

The dogs did not do well, and it was truly 2 moves. He had to provide a PODS for Portland and a UHaul for his things.

But he did it, and not only that, he cleaned our rental as well.

I told him the least I could do was drive up there this weekend, so he could relax. The last thing he needs is to hit the road and worry about packing up the dogs and their stuff.

The plan is for him to come down next weekend.

I got an oil change and replaced my tire. It had a huge gouge in it and I was worried it would just randomly blow. Now I feel safer the car is running way smoother. The gang at Dick Hannah Dodge was super helpful and friendly.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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