165 People In Tiny Town In Belgium Pooled Their Money For A Lottery Drawing And Hit The Jackpot! (And More Good News)

1.  A reporter interviewed a guy here in Portland who shovels his neighbors’ sidewalks every time it snows.  He likes to make sure people can walk around safely.  But he also thinks it’s fun and a good way to stay in shape.


2.  A liquor store worker in Minneapolis saw a homeless guy pull two boxes out of a trash can last week, and put them on his feet because he didn’t have shoes.  So she asked what size he was, and gave him the shoes off her own feet.

They were her FAVORITE shoes too . . . retro Air Jordans.  She told a reporter, quote, “I didn’t care about the shoes.  I cared about him.”


3.  A snowstorm in the U.K. caused a big traffic jam near London the other day.  But one driver made the most of it . . . and built a snowman in the middle of the road.  (Here’s a photo.)


4.  165 people in a small town in Belgium pooled their money for a lottery drawing last week, $20 each.  And one of the tickets hit the jackpot for 151 MILLION BUCKS.  Each person will walk with about $915,000, tax free.