12-Year-Old Saves Entire Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning! (And More Good News)

1.  A 12-year-old Texas girl got an award for bravery this week after saving her entire family back in March.  Everyone else in her home . . . her mom and four other kids . . . passed out from carbon monoxide.  But she stayed calm, called 911, and firefighters saved them.


2.  A guy in Kentucky coasted into the closest gas station while running on fumes . . . bought a lottery ticket while he was filling up . . . and won a million bucks.


3.  A student who uses a wheelchair graduated from Seton Hall this week, and her service dog got a diploma too.  His name is Justin, and he went to all her classes with her.  So the school gave him his own honorary degree.  He grabbed the diploma in his mouth, and the crowd went nuts.  (Here’s the video.)


4.  We’ve seen plenty of cats stuck in trees, but this might be a first.  Firefighters in Ohio had to rescue a squirrel from a tree on Tuesday.  It was someone’s pet squirrel.  It couldn’t get down after its leash got tangled up in a branch.  (Here are the photos.)