10-Year-Old Boston Wonder, AKA ‘Swaggy,’ Lives Big-League Dream with Make-a-Wish and Savannah Bananas Amidst Rare Condition

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1.  A group of lifeguards in Florida used their rescue buoys to form a human chain and save a boogie boarder who got pulled out by a rip tide.  A guy who works at a tattoo shop nearby happened to be using his drone during a break, and got the whole thing on video.  (Here’s the footage.)


2.  Make-a-Wish helped a 10-year-old kid from Boston be a professional baseball player for a day.  His name is Mark Lane, but he prefers the nickname “Swaggy.”  He has a rare neurological condition and has up to 300 seizures a day.

There’s an exhibition team in Georgia called the Savannah Bananas that are popular on TikTok, and he’s a big fan.  They held a ceremony last week where he signed a contract, and got to hang out with the players.  They also gave him his own locker.


3.  Even if you’re a big traveler, this guy’s got you beat.  84-year-old Nat Read recently completed his goal of riding all 21,000 miles of Amtrak’s rail network.  So he’s been all over the U.S.

He didn’t set out to do it.  But four years ago, he realized he’d already covered most of it just by traveling around.  So he set a goal to finish the rest.

He’s also been to all seven continents, but says some of his best memories are traveling around the U.S.  He finished his last leg from Massachusetts to Maine last month, and then took trains all the way back to L.A., just because.  (Wow, this guy is Joe Biden’s hero.)