Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl… oh my.

I’m upside down on all this!

At it’s height, I had just under 20,000 pieces of vinyl. It was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. It took me 20 or so years to accrue the stuff.  Some bought, some being promo copies.  Wonderful because I could hang out in a second bedroom and thumb my way through hours of albums and liner notes while listening to what it all was supposed to mean..  Not so wonderful because when peeps came to visit and there was nowhere to sleep.  Apparently, being a good host when peeps are visiting from out of town includes having a place for guests to sleep.  Feeding them and getting them drunk is not enough?  I’ll make a note of that.

For the sake of my marriage, September 10th 1995 I gave all of them away to the guy who answered phones for me at the station I was at.  I think he sold them off and put a down payment on a house.  A sad day for my music mind.  A great day in respect to the fact that visitors had a place to stay.  You know, extra bedroom and all.

Still, the music store is a wonderful and magical place.  I frequent them when I can.  I just buy different stuff.  Smaller, more easily stored stuff.



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