Why Truckload of Coats matters.

It’s not anything revolutionary or new.

Gathering coats and jackets and other items for those who need some help has been around for years.

There are people out there who for one reason or another simply need a hand.  It’s getting cold out there.  It’s simply the right thing to do.  And, it’s so easy.

Over the weekend I identified five coats/jackets that I haven’t worn in years.  Two out of the five have never been worn and still have the tags on them.  That’s another story for another time but those items are great for this event.

My wife has similar items that we call the “just in case stuff.”  I keep this just in case.  Those items are also perfect for this event.

I hope you’ll pop by either of the Safeway locations,  Friday, November 10th.  I’ll be hanging at one of them and hope to meet you.

Thanks in advance to the KINK community.  This isn’t about KINK, this is about all of us. KINK is simply the loudspeaker so we can all hear and be a part of something.  For more info click here.




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