Totally Reelin’ in The Years

Was I a huge fan of Steely Dan?  No.  Am I feeling the loss of Walter Becker?  Yes.

Before I moved to Portland I was hanging around upstate NY for a bit.  Not my residence, but I was up there for about 5 months.  During that time I took a weekend tour of Hudson NY.  Hudson is a cool little village area north of New York City where as luck would have it Steely Dan was essentially born. Locals pointed out the really cool meat and cheese deli that used to be a performance space where Backer and Fagen used to play regularly as part of their early regimens.

Now looking back, Steely Dan was a huge part of my daily soundtrack in my young formative years. I’m old enough where all that music was new and current.

This goes to show that with the right infusion of experiences and the way something is framed for you or the way you frame it yourself can in fact affect you emotionally.  When it was announced that Walter had passed over the weekend I did feel it, probably much like you did.

I interviewed Becker and Fagen at a radio station in San Antonio Texas back in the early 80s.  They were fun and engaging.  You couldn’t ask for more than that.  The good music didn’t hurt.

I’ve owned copies of Aja, Goucho and Pretzel Logic.  Does that make me a super fan?  No.  But again I felt all of it.





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