1. I believe that man does not live by bread alone.  As good as Baby I’m a Want You was there are other equally lame bands out there with equally banal music to listen to.  You know like America, The Carpenters, The Captain, and Tennille and England Dan and John Ford Coley.
  2. I believe in Guitars, drums, keyboards, the bass and the occasional Xylophone. The Jews harp is a sticking point with me.  It should never be used in songs with serious content.  It’s not even Weird Al appropriate!
  3. I believe that Nights Are Forever Without You.  Note: See England Dan and John Ford Coley but never in concert.
  4. I Believe Nirvana was better than Blind Melon but not quite as good as Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots.  But, definitely better than Alice in Chains, Soundgarden or Smashing Pumpkins.  Nirvana is always better than Weird Al Yankovic and maybe Flight of The Concords if you’re on an occasional bender.
  5. I believe that one song from the Byrds is better than a bird in the hand.  I’ve never fathomed what I’m supposed to do with a bird in my hand.  It must be popular somewhere though because I hear it referred to all the time. Is there some sort of dark web market for that?

That’s five more things I believe in.  I’ve thought of 11 more but don’t have the will to type them out right now.  So like usual, there’s that.  Just about time for a sandwich.





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