Live Music Time Line Imperatives!!!

For some reason, while I was at the Shins show the other night it hit me!  Love the Shins, but my mind was wondering.

There are too many new and active bands to name that are imperative to see at least once BUT, it’s hard to believe that so many rock bands from back in the day are still touring.

With Bowie’s passing last year and Petty’s sudden departure, it’s striking me that there are bands that still have “it” and that I’d like to see one more time.

Bands I wanna see before they decide to hang it up or get hung up.

The Rolling Stones… one more time.  Mick is still jumping around like he’s 30.  Impressive.  At his age, my dad and Grandad found it hard just to get around the house.

REO Speedwagon.  Not my fav but Kevin Cronin still has his voice.  So there’s that.

Eric Clapton.  I Might have already missed this boat into Slowhand oblivion.

Crosby Stills and Nash.  They still have the harmonies and at least one of them needs the money.  So there’s that motivation to be seen and heard.

Neil Young.  He may be cranky but the songs are still good.

Bruce Springsteen.  I’ll have to catch him on a night where he’s not all subdued and protesty.  Though it’s warranted.

Paul Simon.  There’s a hell of a library of songs there. Not to be missed.

Simon with Garfunkel.  I hear Art isn’t feeling well so this ship may have sailed.  Sad, actually their harmonies still give me goosebumps.

Peter Gabriel, if he’s willing to sing something that people might know.

Blue Oyster Cult, this time with more cowbell.

Bob Dylan.  It’s not a show.  It’s an experience.

Bad Company.  Voices intact. Good library of tracks.  Still able to rove the stage.

Jackson Brown.  Tender is the moments with him on stage.

Devo.  Although it will be (more) ridiculous than ever with those hats and costumes…. I’m in.

James Taylor.  Good at any time or age.

John Fogerty.  Now that he’s mostly over the mad and resentment, this is a must because he still has something to prove.  At least he thinks so.

Peter Frampton.  He can come alive once again or do the jazz stuff.  I’m on that either way.  Nice guy.

John Cougar Muskmelon.  I kid I kid… Good show, still.  And, sing-alongs are the loudest EVER.  Ever.

Nick Lowe.  Stiff Records, his label. my fav bands are on there.  Great storyteller.

Elvis Costello.  The best.  Did I mention the best?

Fleetwood Mac.  One more time.  Hell, Christine came out of retirement.  They’re all there for a change.

Paul McCartney.  So Beatles, so Macca, so good times. You can feel more that one generation affected by his mere presence.

That should do it.  Wait, that sounded so final!  Not good. In other words, (better words) my list is complete.  Now to get tickets.

Music and music culture is so much fun to talk about.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this







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