Latest Complaints and Disappointments

To be fair we do get some emails, texts and phone call from listeners who like something about KINK.  As nice as that is, the real interesting stuff comes from peeps who are sad, disillusioned, disappointed, mad, confused or simply not happy with one or all facets of KINK.

When we do get complaint letters we are respectful and hey sometimes listeners have valid points and we learn from that.  But some are ummm, well….errr you judge.

Email:  The station used to be good back in 1972.  What happened?  – My Response: 1973 happened and 1974 called and wants its Jean Jacket back.  A jeans Jacket from before anyone thought of bedazzling a jeans jacket.

Text: What right do you have to play Dispatch on KINK?  I don’t think the band would approve of this. – My Response:  I wish you had brought up this issue earlier when they were in the KINK live studios.  We could have at that time asked why they disapproved during the question and answer session at the KINK performance.

E-mail :  Can you please change the tone of your voice?  – My Response:  I do a lovely, convincing impression of Gilbert Godfrey.  Would that work for you?  Aflac!





A Member Of Our KINK Family Is Facing A Serious Health Crisis NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tom Petty, Noooooooooooooo! I’m no lawyer but… Looking at Bornes on a Monitor. Does Brian really need the grade? LOL Likey da New Meuwwsick