HIKE! Wahclella Falls

Of the many hikes in the Columbia Gorge, I find myself constantly returning to Wahclella Falls the most. Maybe because it’s one of the shortest hikes where there’s a pretty good payoff.

To get here From I-84, take Exit #40/Bonneville Dam. Turn south at the stop sign and drive about 100 feet. Stay to the right, taking you to Wahclella Falls trail-head. The parking lot is a fee lot and a pretty small one. However there is ample extra parking on the road to the east of the parking lot.


After a few hundred yards up the trail that follows along the creek you cross Munra Falls.


A small incline follows and you’ll continue the trail continuing along the creek. After about 3/4 of a mile the trail splits – it won’t matter which trail you take as they are just  the beginning and the end of the loop that’ll bring you to and from the falls.

Add to this one of the MANY other hikes in the area for a full day in the Gorge as this is only a 2 mile in-and-back hike. Or grab the young ones and get them out. Of all the hikes, this one is where you see more small children than any other. Either way, GO OUTSIDE!



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