It happened Today… November 3rd


1964, During a Rolling Stones North American tour a 17 year-old Rolling Stones fan fell from the balcony during a gig in Cleveland. The Governor of Ohio banned all future pop concerts, saying; “Such groups do not add to the community’s culture or entertainment.”  NOTE:  Yes, there have been concerts in Ohio since 1964.  Pheeeew, that was a close one.

1972 Carly Simon and James Taylor get married, creating a musical power couple not seen until Jay-Z and Beyoncé tie the knot. The CS/JT marriage lasts 11 years.  I drive a car that’s older than that.  Just sayin’.

1993, Russian inventor Leon Theremin died. Most famous for his invention of the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments. He first performed the theremin with the New York Philharmonic in 1928.

There are a few songs I’ve thought of that features the Theremin.  Oh boy!  Right?



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