Five More Things I Believe

  1. I believe Adele has the most pronounced cleft chin of any artist we play on KINK. Evidently, her music is as memorable as her chin.  She seems popular.
  2. I believe that an hour of the Rolling Stones is better than an all you can eat pizza buffet.  I keep telling myself that over and over again and I still can smell pepperoni when I hear Sympathy for The Devil,  No really…  Man I’m hungry and I need to find a better hypnotist.  I here it works for smoking.
  3. I believe the voice of Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs can only be achieved by smoking 3 packs a day and drinking a fifth of bourbon before noon daily.  I got that confirmed in 1996 when I had a chance to talk to him.  So I got that bit of proof.
  4. I believe that Lorde is Australian.  Oh I know she’s not, but I just want to start something.  Ausies and Kiwi’s apparently have little love for one another.  You wanna have some fun?  Tell an Ausie that you love their New Zealand accent.
  5. I believe that the sound track to the Netflix original, Stranger Things, is better than good.  It’s great!  Apparently playing music from the era the show takes place in intensifies the mood of the entire program.


A Member Of Our KINK Family Is Facing A Serious Health Crisis NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tom Petty, Noooooooooooooo! I’m no lawyer but… Looking at Bornes on a Monitor. Does Brian really need the grade? LOL Likey da New Meuwwsick