Brad Dolbeer

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Brad Dolbeer

Mon – Fri: 7 p.m. – midnight; Sat 7 p.m. – midnight, Program Director

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Brad Dolbeer is a 4th Generation Pacific Northwest native, born in Portland. When he was 12 he became fascinated with the Radio Station KINK and began his plan to become part of that family as well. After many years in Portland Radio at different stations and a stint in Seattle where he helped develop the legendary station “The Mountain”, he returned home in 2006 to apply his experience and talent to his favorite radio station KINK. His passion for music and Portland are the perfect combination for KINK’s continued success.

A true Oregon native, Brad enjoys camping with friends, off-season trips to the Oregon Coast, browsing Powell’s, and enjoying Portland’s many incredible restaurants and of course the unique music scene.  “Coming back home after 15 years in Seattle, I’ve fallen in love all over again with Portland.  This city has grown so much it’s exciting for me to see how well things have developed.”

If the name Dolbeer rings a bell for you, you probably grew up in the Tigard area and had one of them as a teacher. It all started with Brad’s grandmother Reeta who started teaching in the 1920’s. She had to keep her marriage to his grandfather a secret because in those days, here in Oregon, female teachers were not allowed to be married. That changed a few years later and she got back into the game once his dad was in school. His dad Bill taught at Fowler from 1954 to 1987, his mother Dorothy taught at Charles F. Tigard Elementary, his step-mother Jane, his step-grandmother Ruby, his brother Mark and now his niece Kaitlin have all taught school. It’s quite a legacy really. Brad was the hold-out until recently when he started teaching at MHCC.

He hopes to get to know you and create many memories here at KINK. He’s on the air every Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight. Give him a call or send him an email.