7/10/17 Corey’s Diary: Have You Seen My Unmentionables?

Dear Diary,

I am looking a little rough from a long weekend of unpacking and moving. Today we are going old school with a written entry. After we got off the air on Friday, Mitch followed me to the Shilo where we filled up our SUV’s with the rest of the contents of my hotel room. Then we headed to my new rental home in Northwest Portland.

We unloaded everything into the garage. I was lucky that the movers had already come and gone. I hate to be in the way.

Jeff and I returned the U-Haul and went back to house to order pizza. Moving burns a lot of calories, right?

After we ate, I started to get my things somewhat organized. I was going through my clothes and realized the black hat box was missing. It was this fabulous hat box Jeff got when he bought a cap at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. I put different categories of clothes in different carriers. The hat box was for bras and panties.

After searching and searching to no avail, I have come to conclusion it must have been left in the Shilo parking lot.

I called housekeeping and left a detailed message on their lost & found voicemail. I have a feeling it is lost and will not be found.

Plus, do I really want it back after 72 hours unsupervised?

Talk to you tomorrow,




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