6/8/17 Corey’s Diary: I’m That Person

Dear Diary,

We had a great time hosting Melville in the Skype Live Studio yesterday. It’s so cool to see these bands up close and personal.

I headed for the Shiloh after that. My sis and I planned a phone call for 2pm. It was time to catch up.

We are working on a Foley Reunion in PDX in August.  My dad and stepmom are in for sure. Now, we just need to get Shannon and Danny here. I haven’t seen them in over a year. Plus, I think all of them are going to love it here.

I hit the gym for a little cardio and then I was wiped. I decided on a simple dinner. A dinner you could only make from your hotel room. It was actually quite satisfying. I watched some Netflix and was ready to nod off when it hit me.

In the entire time I have been here I have never been overcome with the stench of cigarettes as I was last night.

I looked out in the hall, but no one was there…just the strong smell. Then I checked by the doors to see if it was coming from outside. No, nobody there. In fact, the air was less smoky by the door.

It was the people in the room next to me. I talked to the front desk and they were super nice.

But that didn’t deter these people, so I knocked on their door. Cowards wouldn’t answer it.

I was so annoyed. I even banged on the wall between us. Please don’t fall asleep and burn the place down because you are a selfish turd.

I hope they check out today because things won’t end well if it is another smoky night.

Mitch better have bail money.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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