6/7/17 Corey’s Diary: A Stranger Was Grabbing at My Fat

Dear Diary,

After work, I headed to the Ideal Image in Tigard. I’ve been to Ideal Image before, but this is my first time at this location. I met with Exotica and Kimberly. We discussed laser hair removal and cool sculpting. And trust me, I don’t want my diary to sound like an ad. I was just really excited when I left. I didn’t think I would be a good candidate for cool sculpting because it is all about location.

But luckily the cool sculpting nurse was able to grab a few prime spots. I told her if you can grab it, you can have it. One of the areas they can do is that very unflattering area below your bra line. AWESOMESAUCE. If I could some areas on my torso, I would be so happy.

I also found out they do Botox there. That is my gift to myself for my birthday this month. It was like a trifecta of things I love.

After that I went to get my nails done. It was quite the girly day. I had some time to kill, so I grabbed a burrito from a taco truck on the south waterfront. It was delicious and I even opted for the healthier version with avocado instead of sour cream and cheese.

The shredded chicken was delicious. I ate that thing like I was mad at it.

Then it was back to the Shiloh for an early night. When you get up at 2:30, you feel like going to bed at 4:30. I chatted with the hubby before passing out. I am very excited he is coming to PDX on Friday.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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