6/13/17 Corey’s Diary: Can Someone Please Get Their Chickens?

Dear Diary,

Jeff and I had lunch together before he hit the road to head back to Seattle. Saying goodbye never gets easier. However, I will see him again in 4 days.

He is staying in VRBO’s/AirBnB’s until we can move into our Beaverton rental home. He texted me when he made it to the new one in Magnolia, Seattle. He was having to wrangle two chickens that were hanging out in our yard.

We are friend to all fowl, but our German Shepherd had a different idea. Jeff had to move quick so these chickens didn’t become dinner. Turns out they belong to the neighbor and Jeff got them safely home. Never a dull moment. There is a yoga studio I will have to check out.

I missed my friend Whitney’s graduation this past Friday. I am so proud of her. She is now officially a nurse practitioner. I hope she never gets too successful and doesn’t have time to look at my weird body stuff.

We will have to celebrate this weekend.

I am also seeing my extremely talented hair guy Jonathan at his place, Salon Q.E.

He’s helping me through a very irritating grow out and will be fixing my impending mullet.

Talk to you tomorrow,





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