5/30/2017 Corey’s Diary: Sun, Fun and of Course, Packing

Dear Diary,

I was lucky not to hit too much traffic going to Seattle. It was good coming back as well. I was nervous, because there is a gouge in my tire. I tried to get it replaced, but no one had the specific model I needed for my car.

It wasn’t leaking air, but I definitely drove with the hands solidly at 10 and 2.  I’m hoping I can at least make an appointment today to fix it.

Otherwise, it was a great weekend with my hubby and pups.

There was more packing. We are out of that house as of tomorrow. Jeff is working from home today to make sure he is ready. He has been so great, I feel bad he has had to bear the brunt of this move.

Sunday, I had brunch with my pal, Jamie. I didn’t get to see her before I moved to Portland.

We had a blast, maybe too much fun. Jeff texted saying it was time to come home and help pack…oops.

Luckily, we got to some time in the sun on her roof. There was a great breeze and a view to knock your socks off.

We also passed through the folk fair going on in Queen Anne. We got matching ear cuffs. It was awesome.

Talk to you tomorrow,





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