5/17/17 Corey’s Diary: Do I Have A Ghost?

Dear Diary,

I feel like a complete dinkus. When I got back to the Shiloh after work yesterday, I went to the front desk to track down my box.

They were very gracious and called the head of housekeeping who did some investigating. However, he said no one had taken it or thrown it out. He even checked the dumpster.

The hotel manager said they would do some more recon using the electronic key card data. I went back to my room heartbroken. Why would anyone take that?

For some reason my gut told me to check the trunk of my car. I don’t know why, but I went ahead and opened the trunk of my car.

Lo and behold, there it was!

I swear I did not put it there. I thought maybe my husband did it when I changed rooms, but he insists he didn’t move it either. So, I am either moving things in my sleep…sleep-packing, or I have a spunky spirit with a bad sense of humor following me. I hope it is sleepwalking.

I immediately apologized to the staff of the Shiloh..I told them my husband put it there.

To make up for my error I thought it best to go to the Shiloh Lounge and donate some money to the slot machines.

Talk to you tomorrow,








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