5/16/17 Corey’s Diary: I Feel Violated

Dear Diary,

I don’t mean to sound so dramatic. However, I discovered this morning that something was missing from my hotel room…something rather important. I clean my room during the week, but on the weekends I like to do a thorough tidying up. I like fresh towels and sheets, new mugs, etc.

I was Seattle this past weekend so I took the ‘Do Not Disturb’ off the door handle.

I didn’t notice until this morning that a very important box was missing. I have a ton of stuff in that room since I am living there. I have garbage bags of shoes, hangers…I have luggage. I have boxes. But this box was my work box.

I was waiting until we had an office to bring it in. Today was that day. And it is gone.

It had tons of paperwork for the morning show. It had a couple of stuffed animals I received from listeners. There were a couple of awards. The calendar my friend Whitney created was in there. It even had a specially decorated roller skate that was auctioned for a breast cancer charity. A former co-worker gave it to me because my mother passed away from breast cancer.

Of all the things to take from my room, that was the most appealing?

It only has value to me. I have been saving it to bring to the new job that I feel so blessed to get.

Hopefully, I will get some information when I get back to the Shiloh.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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