20 of the most important events in Rock Music History

Sure, there have been lots of events that shaped the face of rock music.  These are the ones that left a nasty mark on the face of humanity.  Humanity with ears.

  • 1954
    Elvis Presley and Sun Records get together to make record ‘That’s All Right Mama.
  • 1962
    Phil Spector formulates the Wall of Sound
  • 1962
    James Brown: Live at the Apollo
  • 1964
    The Beatles come to America
  • 1964
    Bob Dylan and Beatles smoke a fatty
  • 1965
    LSD dates rock music and gets to third base
  • July 1965
    Dylan plays the Newport Folk Festival
  • 1965
    The Who records “the” anthem, ‘My Generation’
  • 1965
    The Rolling Stones’ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ is released
  • 1966
    The Beatles record ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ for Sgt Peppers
  • 1966
    Brian Wilson makes Pet Sounds
  • 1969
    Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ 1969
    The Rolling Stones play Altamont
  • 1970
    Black Sabbath release their self-titled first album
  • 1972
    David Bowie fashions Ziggy Stardust
  • 1980
    John Lennon is murdered
  • 1981
    MTV and watching music
  • 1985
    The Live Aid concert
  • 1992
    Nirvana and Pearl Jam
  • 2000
    Napster lets the cat out of the bag

After Napster it’s all just a blur.

Music becomes ubiquitous and free one way or another.  Music is no longer a commodity.  Anybody and everybody can record and distribute music cheaply.  The paradox of infinite choice makes it hard for any one artist or band to truly have real mass consensus.  Oh, sure there’s always a few who cut through.  But, for most everyone, there are 10,000 in meek obscurity.

Don’t believe me?  Get 10 friends together and ask them to give you 10 bands or artists that really matter to them.  Sit in amazement as you compare lists.

Here’s my list of bands the mean the most to me.  No worries if it doesn’t match yours.  It’s infinite and murky out there.

Rolling Stones, The Verve, Carole King, The National, Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, War On Drugs, Elton John, Decemberists, Beatles and about 40 more.





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